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Anniversary of Irena Sendler's birth - 15.02.2018

On 15th February 2018 our school celebrated the 108th anniversary of Irena Sendler's birth. The day was unforgetable for students and teachers who participated in the meeting with honourable guests: Janina Zgrzembska - daughter of Irena Sendler, Marek Michalski - the Commisioner for Children's Rights and Anna Czerwińska-Rydel - an author of a biographical book about Irena Sendler.

Students took part in a very interesting conversation about authorities in the contemporary world and features that should be important in our lives. The Commisioner for Children's Rights emphasized the great maturity and sensitivity of young interlocutors in such a difficult subject of the conversation.

After the official part, the time has come to take photos together, collect autographs, and give Mr. Michalak a 'high-five'. After that, the glasses of Irena Sendler and her 'Order of Smile' were located in the cabinet. All children received a gift from the publishing house - a copy of the book 'Letters in a Bottle' . The meeting was full of emotions and encouraged both: students and teachers to further exploration of Irena Sendler's life.


Day of the Patron - 4.12.2017

4th of Decembr was a great day in our school. We celebrated three important events on this day: Patroness Day, Tolerance Day, Letter Writing Marathon.

Our special guest was Joanna Sobolewska-Pyz, the leader of the Association of "Children of the Holocaust". She told us about herself - a Jewish girl saved from the Warsaw Ghetto.

Visit of the teachers from the United Kingdom - 24.11.2017

Mr Antony Lishak visited our school again. But this time he came together with a group of Biritsh teachers. They were invited by Ministry of Foreign Affairs to see Warsaw where Irena Sendler lived. Our school is preparing for year 2018, which is going to be Irena Sendler year. The guests from the UK met with our students to talk about Irena Sendler.

Polish - German Exchange - 15-22.10.2017

In October 5 teachers and 10 students were in Hamburg to visit our friends from Irena-Sendler-Schule. A few students and teachers from Hamburg are going to come to us in June. Polish-German Youth Office helped to finance it.

Meeting with Antony Lishak - 14.06.2017

On June 14, our students have a meeting with Antony Lishak. Mr Lishak is a writer and a former teacher. His tries to spread knowledge about Righteous Among the Nations. He came to us to talk about universal values, behaviour of an individual in a crowd, the courage to make decisions and about his family. He also told us that when he went searching for his Polish roots, he came across the history of Jan and Antonina Żabiński who hid Jews in the Warsaw Zoo during World War II.

Visting Irena Sendler's grave - 12.05.2017

As every year, in February and May our teachers and students visit Irena Sendler's grave at Powązki Cementary - in February to celebrate the 107th anniversary of Irena's birthday and in May to commemorate her death (the 9th anniversary). The students lighted candles and laid flowers. In May they also attended a Mass celebrated in memory of Irena Sendler.


Day of the Patron - the School celebration - 5.12.2016

This year we commemorated our Patroness Day by watching a play about rediscovering Irena Sendler by American students and their teacher Norman Conard. The play was prepared by our students from grade 2b. After the play there was a meeting with Janina Zgrzebska, Irena Senlder's daughter.

Youth Exchange - 04-11.06.2016

Between 4 and 11 June, as every year, the Youth Exchange was organized. Young people from Irena Sendler –Schule in Hamburg and students with teachers from our school spent time in Warsaw visiting and admiring the city (buildings of the Parliament, Warsaw Uprising Museum). It was the opportunity for groups of young people from different countries to meet and learn about each other’s cultures. The most enjoyable part of the Exchange was a kayak adventure and the most important element of this year's meeting was the participation of our guests from Germany and another schools in the Third International I.Sendler’s School Congress. Both the Exchange and the Congress were an opportunity to strengthen cooperation between our school and the friends school from Germany.

The apple tree and tulips - 30.04.2016

The tulips, which we received from our friends from Irena Sendler-Schule in Hamburg, bloomed in the May sun. This type of tulip is named after Irena Sendler. The apple tree planted two years ago by the students and the teachers leafed out too. These symbolic plants are another way to commemorate Irena Sendler, who died in May eight years ago.

"Daffodils" campaign - the anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - 21.04.2016

This year marks the 73rd anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Our students took part in "Daffofils" campaign by watching a short film "There Was No Hope" and participating in lessons on the Uprising. Some of our students - grade 1b - took part in the meeting with Association of Jewish Combatants in MHŻP Polin.


Letter Writing Marathon -12.12.2015

Every year the Human Rights Day is observed on December 10. Because of that our school joined in Letter Writing marathon organized by Amnesty International. We wrote 81 letters during seven days (4th - 11th December). A delegation of our students took part in the final of the marathon and met Draginja Nadazdin, the director of Amnesty International Poland.

Day of the Patron - the School celebration - 04.12.2015

On December 4, as every year, teachers and students of Irena Sendler School Complex no 65 celebrated our Patroness Day. This year the students commemorated our Patroness by taking part in a quiz about her. Then they decorated the school hall with posters and hearts. They also met together and pondered over the words "People can only be divided into good and bad."

Guests from Great Britain - 26.10.2015

Three brothers from a little town of Farsley near Leeds, Jordan Walker (18), Zack Walker (15) and Ethan Walker (13),visited our school. They presented slides about their school in England. They spoke about English educational system, obligatory and extra classes, uniforms, school transport and many other interesting facts. Thanks to the presentation Polish students had a chance to meet friends from Britain and have a conversation with them!

Thank you, Jordan, Zack and Ethan for a wonderful lesson. We hope to see you soon!

Guests from Australia - 24.09.2015

On September 24 our school had two guests from Australia. Amanda and Samantha met with our students and talked about their country, Australian culture, weather and people. During the meeting the students looked for similarities and differences between Poland and Australia.

Meeting with Anna Maria Anders - 18.09.2015

On September 18 our students had a chance to take part in an unusual history lesson. They met with Anna Maria Anders, daughter of general Władysław Anders, who commanded Polish II Corps, famous for capturing Monte Cassino during World War II. Ms. Anders talked about her childhood, her father and plans for the future.

The visit in Masuria - 05-13.06.2015

On Friday 5 June the representation of our Irena-Sendler-Shule in Hamburg came to join our summer project. We spent together 9 days in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Masuria.

The seventh anniversary of Irena Sendler's death

On 8 May 2015, in front of the building at 6 Ludwiki Street in Warsaw (where Irena Sendler lived from the 1930s until 1943), a memorial plaque commemorating our Patroness was unveiled. On 12 May our pupils took part in the special Mass commemorating the seventh anniversary of Irena Sendler's death. After the Mass the pupils placed a wreath and lit candles on her grave.

The visit in Hamburg - 2-9 May 2015

This year, the trip to Hamburg was held from 2 - 9 May. On Saturday morning we went by train to our partner school in Germany. At 2 p.m.we were welcomed by a group of students and teachers. At that time, they all knew who their partner was. Then we went to Irena Sendler Schule, where families of the partners were waiting for us. After a short meeting, each of us went to "his/her" house. We spent the evening together with our hosts...


The Tale of Polish Jews - 23.10.2014

Like almost 400 thousands students in Poland, we took part in the modern history lesson "The Tale of Polish Jews". Our journey through the galleries of the Core Exhibition started with a lesson for primary schools. We could learn about Jewish customs and culture. Then older students listened about joint history of Polish and Jewish people. This modern lesson encouraged us to visit the museum - The Core Exhibition will officially open on October 28, 2014.

Meeting with Norman Conard - 30.09.2014

We met with a remarkable man, who had rediscovered Irena Sendler for all of us. The words Man disposes of a great power that can transform the whole history and reshape it were the motto of this meeting. 
The long-awaited meeting began with the anthem of the schools named after Irena Sendler sung by Non-Public Secondary School No. 1. Then our Head teacher Magdalena Księżopolska welcomed the guests, especially the guest of honor Nomarn Conard, a teacher from Kansas who discovered Irena Sendler. 
Norman Conard conveyed the greetings from everyone associated with "Life in a Jar" project. He expressed his great joy at the increasing number of schools named after our Patroness. 
Mr. Conard mentioned that the list of children smuggled out of the Warsaw Ghetto by Irena Sendler had been copied and sent to Israel. We all know the list was buried in a jar - and that jar became a symbol for Conard's students. They wrote a play "Life in a Jar" that has been staged more than 330 times. For 15 years 44 people were associated with the project. Jack Mayer wrote a book about it "Life in a jar. Discovering Irena Sendler." The book was translated into several languages and is a bestseller now. 
Mr. Conard emphasized that while we may look different, we have the same heart. Irena Sendler continues to change lives of many people, including ours, even through the meetings and discussions like this one. 
After the presentations and discussion our guests watched the play "Children of the Ghetto." The play created by one of our teacher Beata Łaszkiewicz is based on the poems by Stefania Ney (Grodzieńska) and was performed by our students in grades 5, 6 and 0.

Summer holidays in Masuria - 29.06 - 04.07.2014

On Sunday 29 June the representation of our Irena-Sendler-Shule in Hamburg came to join our summer project. We spent together 6 days in Warsaw and Masuria.

The sixth anniversary of Irena Sendler's death

On 12th May 2014 the head teacher, teachers and students of our schools celebrated the sixth anniversary of Irena Sendler's death. On the day we participated in a solemn Mass. Afterwards, we placed a wreath and lit candles at our patroness' grave.

On the occasion of the sixth anniversary of Irena Sendler's death a plaque dedicated to our patroness was placed at the entrance of our school. We feel extremely fortunate that when we enter the school building Irena Sendler smiles at us from the photo and reminds us of the great values that she delivered.

The visit in Hamburg - 4-9 May 2014

On Sunday, 4th May, 2014 our school delegation: the headmistress Magdalena Księżopolska , 3 teachers and 9 pupils went to Hamburg to our school-partner Irena Sendler Schule. The trip lasted five days. Below you can see our Chronicle from Hamburg.

Tulipany - Tulpen "Irena Sendler"

This spring Irena Sendler's tulips have bloomed at the same time in front of our school and Irena Sendler's School in Hamburg. In 2013 during The Irena Sendler's Schools Convent our friends gave us 100 bulbs of favourite Irena's flowers.

The granting of "FOR PEOPLE WHO DO GOOG DEEDS" medal for Mr. Zygmunt Rolat

On 24th April 2014 in the Museum of the History of Polish Jews our school community had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rolat, a philanthropist who provided financial support for the Second International Convention of Irena Sendler Schools. He has made a tremendous impact on improving the Polish-Jewish relations. He arrived in Warsaw with a group of 30 American teenagers interested in the history of their ancestors who had lived in Poland. It was an honour for our school representatives to grant the medal to such a noble person as a way of expressing our gratitude and respect for promoting the ideas and deeds of Irena Sendler.

An unusual history lesson - 13th January 2014

A momentous meeting took place On the 13th of January 2014. Mr. Świerczewski, The Righteous Among the Nations, honor citizen of Israel, vice-chairperson of The Righteous Among the Nations company led an unusual history lesson. He related his war-experience to a lower secondary school students.

Mr. Świerczewski began the lesson with describing the situation of his hometown Plonsk after the 1st September of 1939. He told about the closure of all schools and cultural objects in the city. He mentioned that the catholic town church was converted into a german warehouse. He accentuated the german cruelty against the Poles and Jews. Since 1941, the Jews where concentrated in a ghetto. The rest of the citizens was moved away from this closed and strictly guarded area. Many habitants of the ghetto died in inhuman conditions. The rest was deported into concentration camps. The ghetto of Plonsk was liquidated in 1942.

Mr. Świerczewski's father had been hiding ghetto escapees in the loft of his house. They were friends of the family, young men in their twenties: David Kapeluśnik, Eli Neuman, Isaac Mosiek. The Świerszczeskies have organized their escape from Plonsk. Stanisław, who was just a teenager then, guided the men through the village cemetery and the river Plonka out of the city. The mission was successful. All three men have survived by hiding in the Świerczewskies family houses near Plonsk.

For his merit, Mr. Świerczewski was rewarded with the Order of Polonia Restituta and became a honor citizen of Israel. In the end of his visit, the guest ensured, that he is pleased with meeting the Polish youth and that he is looking forward for the next visit at Irena Sendlerowa's school. His statement was rewarded with enthusiasms and ovations.


Day of the Patron - the School celebration

On the 4th of December the community of Irena Sendler School Complex with Integrated Classes no 65 in Warsaw was celebrating the anniversary of acquiring the name of its patron. The event took place at 6 Anielewicza Street, Warsaw, in cooperation with the Museum of the History of Polish Jews.

The day 4th of December notifies the relation of Irena Sendler and "Żegota", the organization she was devoted to saving lives of Jewish children. If it had not been for the Council to Aid Jews, she would not have survived while being imprisoned by the Gestapo in 1943. At the meeting a lot of attention was paid towards "Żegota," the organization established 71 years ago as the only state institution under the Nazi occupied Europe carrying help to Jewish people. Despite different political views, the members of "Żegota" were helping the Jews in the ghettos providing them with staples and medical care. They put their lives at risk when giving shelter and forging IDs for those who had managed to escape from the hell of living in the ghetto.

Irena Sendler and her life's work united our honourable guests at the ceremony - prof. Władysław Bartoszewski, Hanna Rechowicz (daughter of Jadwiga Piotrowska, who was a liaison and Irena Sendler's friend), and Elżbieta Ficowska (rescued by Irena Sendler from the Warsaw Ghetto). Mrs. Rechowicz told a story of her mum who was hiding Jews and for whom acting that way was an obvious thing to do in those days. As a six-month-old baby, Mrs. Ficowska was taken away from the ghetto hidden in a box with bricks. She was talking about the efforts she had made to find her identity and her second mum. She also mentioned about the chains of people engaged in the rescue of each child. Prof. Bartoszewski met Irena Sendler before "Żegota" was established. According to Mr Bartoszewski, Irena was very kind, energetic and devoted to her mission. Władysław Bartoszewski cooperated with the Council to Aid Jews, where he was taught how to forge birth certificates at the Roman Catholic parishes. He got acquainted with Zofia Kossak-Szczucka and Jan Karski. According to him, indifference cannot be explained with fear. That is why, he carried on his mission regardless of the danger he faced. He mentioned Irena as a modest person who did her duties with her helpers like the saints to serve people.

During the second part of the meeting the results of The Polish National Literary Contest "Irena Sendler. The past - present - future" were announced. This year the contest organized by Irena Sendler School Complex with Integrated Classes no 65 took place under the patronage of the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. The participants were to write a press document on the last school year's events connected with Irena Sendler and her life's work. Our guests and school representatives laid a wreath at the "Żegota" monument.


On 18-21 June 2013, in the 65 Integrated School, 21/23 Elekcyjna Street, Warsaw, the International Sendler Schools Congress took place. In this way, the organizers and participants of the Congress celebrated the 5th anniversary of the death of Irena Sendler. The main objectives of the official meeting was to establish and maintain ongoing cooperation of students and school staff, located in different parts of Poland and Germany. We want, by collaboration of students and teachers, the ideas of Irena Sendler not to be lost, and to be the constant inspiration of young people all around the world.

Irena Sendler Street, was established on 15th May, 2013.

Jack Mayer & Elżbieta Ficowska - 6.05.2013

On May 6th, 2013 a meeting was held with pupils and with Mr. Jack Mayer, the author of "Life in a Jar. Salvation of Irena Sendler."

Jack Mayer told how he came across the article about Irena Sendler and her wartime activities. He became interested in this topic and found the association “Life in a Jar Project”, which spreads the knowledge about I. Sendler in the U.S.A. He decided to write a story about the events in the Warsaw Ghetto and American adolescents in the late 90s, who rediscovered the forgotten story of great heroism.

The meeting was attended by Mrs. Elżbieta Ficowska - long-standing friend of Irena Sendler , rescued by her.


Grand celebration at our school

There was a great celebration in 65 inclusive School in Warsaw on 4th December 2012. We celebrated three very important for our school community events.

The first one was the 50th anniversary of our school foundation. 236 Primary School was established on 1st September 1962. The meeting was an opportunity to trace the major events of the past half-century. Moreover, participants had a chance to see some archival photographs and listen to memories of headteachers and school employees. 
The students also took part in the groundbreaking event –236 Primary School was granted the name of Irena Sendler. The school community is proud that such an extraordinary woman and one of the greatest Poles is our patron.

4th December 2012 is also the date of the third anniversary – 61 Inclusive Junior School was granted the name of Irena Sendler. On this occasion, junior school students had the opportunity to participate in the meeting with Mr Peter Zettinger who had been rescued by Irena Sendler during the World War II. Our guest came from Sweden to tell our students his life story. It was a very poignant encounter.

69th Anniversary Of Uprising In Warsaw Ghetto – “One city – 2 Uprisings – Our memory”

On the 18th of April 2012 children from our school took part in celebration of 69 th Anniversary of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. In front of many important guests students performed play “Children of the ghetto” based on poems of Stefania Ney Grodzieńska.

In the following 2 days children laid flowers under memorable places in Warsaw and participated in musical and poetic evening organized by Jews artist. They also attend very special evening in Jewish Theatre in Warsaw.

4th anniversary of the Irena Sendler's death.

On Saturday the 12th of May our headmaster Magdalena Księzopolska together with delegation of students from our Middle school took part in 4th anniversary of the Irena Sendler death – Patroness of our school. The event began on Powązki Cementary , where students lighted 8 yellow candles and laid flowers . Then everyone went to church to attend mass in intention of Irena Sendler.


Poetry Evening in Synagogue

On the 22 of January 2011 in Zalmana and Rywki Marriage Nożyków Synagogue in Waraw, students from our school together with Headteacher took part in poetry Evening of Israeli poet Jonathan Barkai and polish poet Tomasz Jastruna. Both of them read their poems and talked about their work. The Evening was opened by choir singing in Hebrew language.

At the end poets were given folder of our school and DVD with play “Children of the Ghetto” performed by students from our school.

Evening in Jewish Theatre in Warsaw

On the 17th of April 2011 our students took part in premiere show of “The song of murdered Jewish nation” , directed by Gołdy Tencer in cooperationwith actors from Jewish Theatre. During the evening several people received Warsaw Ghetto Uprising medal as a special price for fight against xenophobia, racism, nationalism and anti-Semitism.

3rd anniversary of the Irena Sendler death.

On Saturday the 12th of May our Headteacher Magdalena Księzopolska together with delegation of students from our school took part in 3rd anniversary of the Irena Sendler death – Patroness of our school. The event began on Powązki Cementary , where students lighted 8 candles and laid yellow flowers. Then everyone went to church to attend mass in intention of Irena Sendler.

Polish –German Exchange

Between 7 -10 June 2011 our Middle School hosted students from School of Irena Sendler in Hamburg. It was the first international meeting of ‘Sendlers’ students.

On the 7th of June 2011 Embassy or German Federal Republic and Goethe Institute organized theater workshops in which participated student from both school.

Firstly we watched play ‘Children of the Holocaust’ in direction of Peter McMahon and played by student from Hamburg . The play showed very difficult moments from Irena Sendler work in ghetto, her afford to save as many children as possible and attempts to convince parents to separate from their children.

After short brake children from our school showed the play “Children of the Ghetto”. The play was perfectly prepared with special attention to details showing real life in Ghetto, including clothes, religion tradition and tragic loses of children. This play made some of our guests cry, which shows how emotional experience it was.

The day finished with dinner in our school cafeteria with traditional polish food. Students get on well and after all day together the atmosphere was really friendly and joyful.

The following day quests visited The Concentrated Camp in Treblinka.

The next day student from our school together with German students visited places where Irena Sendler lived and worked. They also acknowledged short history of Jewish in Warsaw Ghetto.

After lunch there was very important moment for our school –The Opening of Memorial Class or Irena Sendler. There are lots of memorials after Irena Sandler, collected and given our school by Irena Sendler daughter. Among very important guest from Jewish community there was also Irena Sendler’s daughter Mrs Janina Zgrzemska.

The last attraction was visit to Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw.

It was wonderful time for our school. Students were really upset that it was all over and they promised to invite our German friend again. The vice headteacher of Hamburg school was very pleased and impressed by this event and thanked for invitation.

The Opening of Chłodna Street.

On the 1st of October 2011 our school participated in official opening of Chłodna street. Student one more time remind tragedy in Warsaw Ghetto in wonderful show “Children of the Ghetto”. Many people passing by stopped for a moment, some of them remembered that over 60 years ago on this place stood Ghetto walls.

Irena Sandler day in our school – Patroness Feast

On the 5th of December 2011 there was a Patroness Day in our school. We invited special guest on that day including daughter or Irena Sendler – Mrs Janina Zgrzembska and Mrs Anna Mieszkowska- the autor of book “The Children of Irena Sendler”. There were lots of question to our guest, especially to daughter of Irena Sendler.

Later on there was announcement of the winners of the competition “ Irena Sendler – History, the present and the past”. First place – Agata Kwapisz, Second place - Michał Pawlikowski, Third place – Beata Rucińska.